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Shed Security Bar

Shed Security Bar
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Shed Security Bar Shed Security Bar Shed Security Bar Shed Security Bar Shed Security Bar Shed Security Bar
Product Code: Shed Bars
  • HIGH Security
  • Protects single and double shed doors up to 1800 mm wide
  • Prevents the door being opened as well as protecting the lock and hinges
  • Externally fixed providing a highly visible deterrent
  • TWO 70 mm discus close shackle padlocks lock the bar into place
  • Manufactured from Steel, gavanised and powder coated Black
  • Fixing kit provided includes backplates, drill bit and bolts and nuts
  • 900 mm bar is standard, 1000 mm and 1200 - 1800 mm also available
900 mm Shed Bar - £89; 1000 mm - £92; 1200-1800 mm - £110; all including delivery and VAT.

Price: £89.00
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High Security Shed Security Bar designed to secure the shed doors



The high security Shed bar is fitted on a central pivot and rotates into "U" brackets fitted to each side of the door frame, then padlocked into position. The shed bar is locked at both sides for extra security.

Security Level
HIGH Security 

Common Use
Protects Single or Double Shed doors and other Flat Faced Doors.

Benefit of Product
Provides a strong deterrent and is usually the most cost effective type of shed or Garden security.

  • hinges in the middle and swivels centrally to allow the door to be opened
  • highly visual shed security deterrent complete with two 70mm discus close shackle padlocks
  • relatively low cost shed security solution
  • easy to install

Galvanised Steel

  900 mm  -   Shed Doors up to 840mm wide  -                                      £89 including VAT & PP
1000 mm  -   Shed Door up to 940mm wide -                                        £92 inc VAT & PP
1800 mm  -   Shed Doors Adjustable from 1200mm - 1800mm wide  -   £110 inc VAT & PP

  900 mm Bar  -  3.5 Kgs
1000 mm Bar  -  4.5 Kgs
1800 mm Bar  -  5.8 Kgs

Powder Coated Black for External Applications.   

Security Bar


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