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Security Spikes

Are you concerned that high fences aren’t enough to protect your property? Then add an extra bit of security to your premises with spikes!

Security spikes will not only deter, but also make it extremely difficult for intruders or unwanted pests to set foot on your property.  

Ideal to protect the perimeter of your home, commercial or industrial premises, on both walls, fences and gates. They can also be used on both flat and pitched roofs, meaning unwanted visitors cannot gain access by climbing into your property.

Take a look at the Security Spikes below, including fixed and rotary, and find the right one for your property. 

Fixed Security Spikes
Fixed Security Spikes for walls, roofs and fencing     PRODUCT O..
Price : £17.00
Rotary Security Spike
Rotary Security Spikes for walls, roofs and fencing.     PRODUCT ..
Price : £38.00