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Security Window Bars

Security Window Barsare available as Fixed, Hinged or Removable Window Bars
Security Window Bars
Lowest Cost Option; Vertical or Horizontal; Can be made as Fixed, Hinged or Removable  ..
Price : £109.00
Diamond Security Grilles
Attractive Diamond Design with spider web strength; Can be Fixed, Hinged or Removable.  ..
Price : £138.00
Removable Security Bars
Windows Bars can easily be removed when required using the built in lock.   ..
Price : £152.00
Child Safety Window Barrier
Designed to prevent children from falling out of Windows and Low Level Windows   &n..
Price : £143.00

  Our range of Security Window Bars include;

  • Fixed Security Window BarsWindow Security Bars can be fitted internally for higher security applications or externally for medium security.  The Security Window Bars are available permanently Fixed, Hinged or Removable.  Security Window Bars are usually the most cost effective type of Security Grills.
  • Diamond Security Grille -  Instead of having the look of vertical prison bars we have developed ithe grille where the Bars are in a Diamond Lattice.  This Diamond Lattice design gives the "Leaded Window" look.  On every cross over the bars are welded together creating a strong spider web effect.
  • Removable Security Bars -   The security window bars can be easily removed by simply unlocking the built in key lock and lifting out one or more of the removable security bars.