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Security Window Mesh

Cost effective Weld Mesh for Windows,High Security Window Mesh and
Wire Mesh for Windows
MEDIUM Security -  ideal for Vandalism and as a Security deterrent.     ..
Price : £95.00
Window Protection Mesh
MEDIUM to HIGH Security Perforated Mesh, ideal for higher risk Vandalism.     ..
Price : £87.00
Clear Window Guard
HIGH Security  Polycarbonate Window Gaurd,clear with 100% vision.      ..
Price : £164.00
Security Window Mesh
HIGH Security Perforated Window Mesh, ideal for both Vandalism and Security.    ..
Price : £161.00

 Our range of Security Window Mesh includes;

  • Wire Mesh for Windows - This is usually fitted externally to prevent vandilsm from larger projectiles ie; Bricks.  This is the most cost effective mesh for windows.
  • Security Window Mesh -  This is steel sheet that has millions of perforations.  It is designed for higher security applications and can give protection from small projectiles ie; Air Pellets and Stones.
  • Polycarbonate Window Protection -   Polycarbonate window shields provides 100% Vision and are virtually unbreakable with Bricks and Hammers.