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Concertina Security Grilles

Concertina Security Grilles, Insurance Approved, Retractable Barriers,Fire Exit Door Grill. 

Medium Security Grille - Ex Stock
Untracked Grille - Available in a range of standard sizes - Ex Stock 1-3 Day Delivery.  ..
Price : £120.00
High Security Grille - "Standard"
The CS10 Standard is a lower cost "no frills" fully tracked retractable gate.    ..
Price : £130.00
High Security Grille - "Deluxe"
The CS10 Deluxe is fully framed and the neater fully tracked retractable gate.    ..
Price : £156.00
Insurance Approved Grille - "Deluxe"
High Security - Police and Insurance Approved for High Risk applications     &nbs..
Price : £187.00
Fire Exit Door Security Grille
Specially designed for Fire Exit Doors and complies with Fire Safety regulations.   &n..
Price : £180.00
Trackless Retractable Barrier
No Tracks, Any Width, Portable - Ideal for warehouse doors, shopping centres    &..
Price : £122.00

Our range of Concertina Security Grilles includes;

  • Diamond Door - The Diamond Door/Window is an ex-stock concertina security grille, which is untracked and can hinge 90 degrees to fold flat against the wall.  It comes in a range of sizes to suit most Door and Window openings.  Delivery is usually 2-3 working days.
  • CS10 "Standard" - This is a made to measure High Security concertina security grille.  Bottom running and comes with a Single Point Lock.  This is the most cost effective Concertina Security Grille.
  • CS10 "Deluxe"  - This is a made to measure High Security Concertina Security Grille.  Top running, comes with a Two Point Locking and is availble in "X" or "S" Lattice design.
  • CS11 "Deluxe"  -  This is the only Concertina Security Grille that has been tested and certified by the Police and Insurance companies.  It includes a 4 Point Locking System and is available in an "X" or "S" Lattice design.
  • Fire Exit Concertina Security Grille - This is specifcally design for Fire Exit Doors.  The security grille is untracked, so when folded back it then hinges 90 degrees to fold flat to the wall, so it does not reduce the door opening.   The security grille features a Thumbturn Lock on the inside and Key Lock externally to comply with Fire Safety Regulations.
  • Trackless Retractable Barrier -  This Barrier is fully portable, does not have any tracks top and bottom.   The retractable barrier is made up the of the Diamond Door Security Grille and a series ofTrollies which can be bolted together to cover any width of opening.  Ideal for Shopping Centres and Warehouse Doors.