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Security Door Gates

Security Door Gates
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Security Door Gates Security Door Gates Security Door Gates Security Door Gates Security Door Gates Security Door Gates
Product Code: Door Gates - Domestic and Commercial
  • MEDIUM TO HIGH Security
  • Steel Door Gate and Frame
  • Ideal for Domestic Doors, Garages, Porta Cabins, Offices
  • Gate comes complete and ready for Installation
  • Manufactured to suit the opening
  • Various Locking, Specifications and infills avilable
  • Very easy to install - 20-30mins
  • Delivery 7-10 working days
  • Range of finishes available
Prices from, including delivery but excluding VAT.

Price: £349.00
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The swing Security Door gate is ideal for fitting externally over vulnerable Doors.

The door security gates are usually fitted externally, swing open and are locked secure using a built in key lock.   The gates are custom made so can be made to suit the application and risk.  
Security Level
MEDIUM to HIGH Security
Common Use
Domestic Front and Back Doors, Medium Risk Commercial Applications.
Benfit of Product
Provides a 2nd layer of protection to a door and allows the internal door to be left open whilst the gate is locked to allow air flow.
Maximum Width
Maximum Height
20kgs per square metre
Primed Black as Standard
Powder Coated in one of 26 standard colours - Extra Cost
Hot Dipped Galvanising for Long Tern rust protection - Extra cost
The gates comes as standard with a 50mm x 25mm Outer Frame.   The gate is manufactured using 12mm vertical round bars welded into a 25mm x 25mm Box Section Frame.  Scrolls are fitted at the Top, Middle and Bottom to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  The Gate is hung on Three Hinges which can be lifted off when open to allow easy installation.   The gate has a full height anti jemmy strip welded to the gate to prevent a jemmy device springing the lock.  A 5 Lever Deadlock is built into the door gate and can be operated from both sides.   

     Security Gates      
DESIGNS -  We can make a gate to any design, but below are couple of previous design we have done.
            Security Gates

MESH INFILL  -   This is a sheet of steel weldmesh which is welded to the oustide face of the gate. It is usually used to either prevent people climbing or people putting hands through the gate.
LOCKING SYSTEMS -   We can fit any type of lock to the gate which includes, Keyed Locks, Thumbturn Locks and Code Locks.
                       KEYED LOCK                                                               THUMBTURN LOCK                               CODE LOCK

PRIMED FINISH -  The gates are manufactured using raw steel and are then finished using some form of coating.  This is the most basic of finishes which is a Teamac High Quality Black Primer which is sprayed onto the gate.  It is a temporary rust protection but will require painiting on site to provide a rust protection.


POWDER COATED FINISH -  The gates can be powder coated which is a powder that is baked onto the steel at high tempratures and leaves a durable smooth finish.   Powder Coating is available in any BS or RAL colour, we keep a large range in stock.    Due to the application of the powder it cannot get into every small crevice which means that some of the raw steel may not be covered and could rust.   Also if the Powder Coating gets chipped then the raw steel will be exposed and rust can pentetrate.   We strongly recommend that if the gate is going to come into contact with any moisture that its hot dipped galvanised for Long Term rust protection and then Powder Coated over the galvanised finish.   

HOT DIPPED GALVANISED -  The industrial process involves dipping the gates into a bath of molton Zinc, which gives the gate a very durable and long term rust protection.   This is an industrial process and the finish can be a bit rough, so we recommned that the gate is then powder coated for a smooth finish.   Hot dipped Galvanising can last up to 25 years and is a lot more durable than Electro Galvanising. 

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