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Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Doors are available in Insulated, Non Insulated, Single Phase and 3 Phase operation.

The Guide Prices below are an Average Square Metre.
Steel Roller Shutter Doors
MEDIUM to HIGH Security - traditional Galvanised Steel Roller Shutter Doors for openings upto 7 m..
Price : £148.00
Insulated Roller Shutter Doors
HIGH Security - the Insulated Steel Industrial Shutter for openings upto 7 metres   &n..
Price : £151.00

Our range of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors include;

Steel Roller Shutter Doors -  The traditional galvanised Steel shutters, usually the cheapest type of Industrial Door.  Can be SIngle Phase or 3 Phase operation.

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors -  Uses a hardened steel slat that is insulated, so ideal for Higher Level of security and Insulation.  3 Phase Operation only.