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Bar and Counter Shutters

Solid Roller Shutters Vision Shutters up to 69%, Low Headroom Shutters
Lightweight Kitchen Roller Shutters
MEDIUM Security - Lightweight Foam Filled Slats, Compact Box and Guides      ..
Price : £134.00
Compact Bar Shutters
HIGH Security - High Security Solid Slats, Compact Shutter Box and Guides Rails   &nb..
Price : £166.00
Wood Effect Roller Shutter
A relatively Low Cost Roller Shutter with a range of 4 Wood grain finshes as standard  ..
Price : £173.00
Rolling Grille Bar Shutters
MEDIUM Security - the Aluminium Roller Grille provides the maximum 69% vision    ..
Price : £196.00
Vision Counter Shutters - 18% Vision
MEDIUM to HIGH Security - Perforated Slat providing 18% Vision, Compact Shutter Box and Guides ..
Price : £188.00
Vision Bar Shutters - 44% Vision
MEDIUM Security - Punched Slat which provides 44% vision, compact box and guides   ..
Price : £188.00

Our range of Bar Shutters, Counter Shutters and Servey Shutters include;


Lightweight Counter Shutters -  Lightweight foam filled slats, compact box and guides.  Ideal for limited headroom.

Compact Bar Shutters -  High Security Twin Walled Laths, compact Box and Guides.  Ideal for limited headroom.

Vision Counter Shutters -  Perforated Slat providing 18% Vision.  Compact Box and Guides, ideal for limited headroom.

Vision Bar Shutters -  Punched Slat providing 44% vision.  Compact Box and Guides, ideal for limited headroom.

Rolling Grille Bar Shutters -   Anodised Silver Grille Curtain providing the maximum 69% vision.